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online media.

Click here to access Nightlite's video gallery of recent and past productions.

diverse selection.

Nightlite's past productions include Documentary, Event Videography, Corporate & Promotional Videos, as well as short films.

Past client's include the SFU Contemporary Arts, LIDC, Tetra Society of North America, Arts Umbrella, Scotiabank, Southview Aviaries, and more...

sketch comedy and shorts.

Nightlite's crews also work on a variety of independent short films and sketches. Collaborating artists include Genus Theatre, Plant Productions, and Prospect Lake Productions. Past collaborations can be accessed through the links provided below.

Genus Theatre films and sketches.


Missing something? Nightlite's WWII Archive is still online, photos courtesy of Harry Hardy DFC CD.

Click here for a link to Nighlite's original shorts site.


Promotional Video produced for SFU Contemporary Arts in association with LIDC Media Production.

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